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The QUEST backpack was inspired by kids who love to be outdoors. But even more so by the kids who sneak into their parent's pack/garage/storage in search of the best gear to complete their adventure. We envision the QUESTpack and MODpacks to stimulate and enhance children's imagination and skill rather than hinder it.

By equipping kids with the right gear for their adventures, we lay a foundation for them to become confident and skilled explorers. Whether that is a backyard expedition, a seaside experience, or a hike into the forest – we aim to provide quality gear to turn every kid’s quest into an epic adventure.


The QUESTpack is a youth-sided outdoor backpack that is built to endure the adventures of your child. It is backed by a 10-year warranty and is customizable, thanks to its webbing/fastening attachment system.

The QUESTpack comes with three starter MODpacks: the first aid kit, basic tool set, and animal tracking mod.

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Starter MODpacks

The QUESTpack includes two starter MODpacks (the first aid kit & basic toolset), which are essential packs to have in any budding explorer's backpack. Additionally, the animal tracking MODpack is included, which contains activities and tools to get outside and explore your environment. Unlike most children and youth equipment, the rugged nylon pouches that make up each MODpack can endure the most spirited adventures.
Fastening strips allow your Explorer to easily label and customize their packs to ensure they have the right gear for any adventure.

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Kid developed & Approved

The development of the QUESTpack and MODpacks have been created, supervised, and tested by a group of kids. We are holding monthly hikes in Ventura County to test new equipment and build MODpack activities. If your child is interested in becoming a Quest Kid or a Quest Kid Tester, let us know!

MODPacks included in QUEST PACK

First Aid Kit

This first aid kid will prepare you for the small bumps, bites and bruises you overcome through-out your adventures outdoors.

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Basic Tools

Master your skills with a basic set of tools to build your camp, prepare your food, and light up the area around you or signal for help.

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Animal Tracking

What animals do you share your environment with? Use your plaster casting set to get your own print for you adventure collection.

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The Adventure Continues

At Equip Kids we are building multiple MODpacks that will engage children at all levels in epic quests that will build their outdoor skills, confidence, and social and emotional intelligence. The MODpacks will be delivered as a monthly subscription and will begin in January 2022. Subscribe to our Newsletter below to learn more about these packs, or follow us on facebook and instagram.


With individual and team activities, learn how to find your way through familiar and unfamiliar terrain with the use of a compass, maps, and other tools.

Survival Skills

Learn the basic skills of survival – if you ever find yourself alone in the WILD! How to start your own fire, building an emergency shelter, and basic water filtration.


Learn different methods of communication, non-verbal hand signs, radio-etiquette, (… --- … ) Morse code and the meaning and proper usage of flags.